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Christina Huber, LCSW

My Therapeutic Approach:

My name is Christina and I have been a client before.  Today I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been practicing for almost seven years.  Throughout those seven years I have learned and come to believe that therapy can help!

I graduated from The University of Southern Indiana with my Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2012 and my Master’s in Social Work in 2013.  I started working for a local mental health agency, providing therapy services to adults, children, adolescents, families, and couples.  After six and half years I made the choice to step away from the big mental health agency concept and start a private practice so that I can truly connect and help my clients on a more personal level.  I provide my clients with understanding, knowledge, and my own raw emotion in attempts to connect with them, understand their unique situation, and join together in a journey that will lead my clients to overall better health. 

My passion is working with adolescents and adults in identifying areas in their life that are in need of a change.  This change can be through physical health, by learning better eating habits, developing weight loss goals, improving how they treat their body, and/or improving their sleep and physical activity.  Many of my clients are working towards more positive thought processes and acceptance of the things they can’t change.

I deliver and match the energy and motivation my client brings to me because I truly understand what it is like to experience pain, depression, anxiety, and a need to change.  I will work with you to reach your full potential and achieve your therapy goals.  With a little hard work, determination, and wiliness to achieve change you will leave therapy being thankful for that moment when you decided to go to therapy with a stranger who didn’t actually expect you to bare your soul.  Honestly, I just expect you to be broken and honest, just like me!       

 At this time I am not a Medicaid, HIP, Hoosier Health Wise, MHS, or other state managed insurance policies. I can only accept these client's though private pay or sliding scale when eligible. 


At this time I am able to accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Optum(United Behavioral Healthcare), Humana,and SIHO insurance plans. I can also accept Tricare and Humana as out of network insurance plans. 


I am working to become credentialed with most third party insurances and Medicare.


Employee Assistance Programs(EAPs: ACI, New Directions, and others by request).


 I am happy to bill out of out of network(OON) and provide a statement to the client for insurance reimbursement. 

Finally, I work with individuals who like to pay out of pocket for services. I have  a self-pay rate 200-75 based on income level. 


Insurance can be verified with the Reflections Counseling Associates office.

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